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Here at AdVintage Wine Services we run a selection of regular wine tasting & education events. We run short courses in wine tasting for the general consumer, groups meeting at Ponteland and Gosforth. We also provide talks to groups, clubs and societies where we discover the origins, cultures and tastes of wine along with food & wine matching guidance.

Events coming soon... 

The Advintage “Lockdown!”


Festive Taste and Talk Together Wine Sessions from Advintage


As December fast approaches it looks increasingly unlikely that we will be able to run our annual “Festive Saturday”. 

Not to disappoint, we offer you the chance to join us on one of our “Taste and Talk Together” sessions of wine and food paring using the Zoom app.Wines and festive nibbles delivered to your home, and connecting up on a selected day to taste the wines with Suzanne.

As this is slightly different to the successful monthly Zoom wine tastings, the wines will be high quality  - and tasted alongside a few homemade festive “nibbles”.

Sessions are more expensive than the usual monthly sessions and will last around 1 ½ hours depending on the chat!! * Please note these will be the only wine sessions offered in December. Other dates will be added if demand is high.

These packages are also available for you to enjoy at home without using the Zoom link as tasting notes will be given.


Please indicate your interest by messaging back to Suzanne and your place will be confirmed.


                                                                 Saturday 5th December 6pm – 7.30pm

We offer two packages to choose:   4 Days of Christmas – 4 wines (2 white, 2 red)

                                                                £18 for one person   4 x 50ml bottles

                                                                £36 for two people    4 x 100ml bottles


                                                                Saturday 12th December 6pm- 7.30pm

                                                           5 Days of Christmas – 5 Wines – includes 2 fortified wines

                                                                  £25 for one person    5 x 50ml bottles

                                                                  £50 for two people    5 x 100ml bottles





                                                            Taste and Talk Together Wine Sessions.”


Advintage launch a series of events via the “Zoom” app, downloaded onto your laptop, tablet or mobile phone, with the aim of keeping our groups together informally for tasting, education and chat.


The Plan:

Please state your interest in participating, giving your name, address, post code, telephone number and E mail. We need this information for delivery, and to invite you into the “Zoom” meeting on the event evening.

We will deliver the tasting samples with notes during the afternoon of the event evening ensuring samples are as fresh as possible.  The samples are measured at 50ml per person, in small labelled bottles.

The bottles are re-usable, so must be returned.  A fee of £1.50 per bottle will charged if they are not returned.   Bottles can be returned upon delivery of the next tasting, or dropped off if you are in the vicinity of Queens Road, Whitley Bay.  Bottles will be washed and sterilised before re-use.


Price: £15 per person (5 x samples)

           £25 for two        (10 x samples)

Please note:

Event prices may differ depending on quantity and price of samples shown.


Payment Methods:

Cash or cheque in an envelope upon delivery.  Cheques made out to Advintage Limited.

Internet bank transfer:           Please contact Advintagewine for bank transfer details.


Want to join up with friends and family who live outside of the North East?

A private session can be arranged with wines purchased from local outlets.  Contact Suzanne to discuss.



  We hope to offer at least two “Zoom” events per month, and will let you know in advance of the next evening.

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